Using the MyWay app

booking via myway app

Using the app streamlines the booking process and is super simple.

Setting up your app 

  • Download the MyWay by Metro App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  
  • Set up your user profile, including any special settings like concessionary fares and accessibility needs.  You can select one concession toggle per account. 
  • Pay for your ride with a credit or debit card uploaded to the app, or with your Metrocard. 


Booking on the app 

  • Enter your destination, and choose the ride that suits you.  
  • The app will show you where you’ll be picked up, your route, and where you’ll be dropped off.  The app will notify you when your driver is approaching so you can be ready. 
  • If you live on a back section, you need to select your nearest road to your property. 
  • You can use the pin to select your pick-up point.  Simply hold and drag the pin to your desired point. 
  • You can book for groups travelling to the same destination, and select special fares for children and SuperGold card holders.  

For more information, see the MyWay App Guide (PDF File, 1.7MB) or watch our app overview video or a detailed 'how to' app video.