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You can order a Metrocard online or in person. Find out how.

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Metrocard #

A Metrocard costs $5 and you are required to load a minimum of $5 onto the Metrocard.  

You cannot get a new Metrocard on buses, however you can order a new Metrocard online or top up online. 

Alternatively, head into Te Ana Ngāi Tahu Rock Art Centre, 2 George St: 
Tuesday – Friday: 10AM – 4PM 
Saturday: 10AM – 3PM 
Sunday and Monday: closed. 

Bring ID with you as staff must sight it to issue a card. Accepted identifications are driver licence, birth certificate, passport, Cando cards or school identification with your name and date of birth on it. 

Online top ups

If you have an online account, you can top up your Metrocard at any time. Create an online account. 

You can top up without a credit card by visiting the Te Ana Ngāi Tahu Rock Art Centre or on the vehicle with cash.  

To view your balance online, use the Metrocard widget. Type your Metrocard number into the box, then click on 'Show balance'. Your balance will then appear. To top up, click on 'Login'. This will take you to a secure site where you can use your credit card, debit card, or account transfer to top up your Metrocard. 

Online top-ups are generally available within an hour. However, delays can be caused by the telecommunication network. If this occurs, your top up could take up to 12 hours to appear on your Metrocard.  

When you use your card on a bus, the top up will appear on your Metrocard balance (and the 'pending' status will be removed). 

You don't need an online account to have a Metrocard. However, setting up an online account allows you to easily check your balance and top up online.  

Set-up an online account. 

Metrocard application form

Download an application form (PDF file, 19 KB) to take in with you. Please note we do not accept postal applications; please print the form, fill it out and take it to the Te Ana Ngāi Tahu Rock Art Centre. 

Metrocard Terms and Conditions

View the Metrocard Terms and Conditions. 

Lost Metrocard

Once registered, your Metrocard is safe and secure. Each card has its own unique number that is registered to you. This means lost cards can be blocked and the remaining money can be transferred to a new card. 

If you have an online account, you can login and block your card. If not, just call 03 688 55 44 and we will block your card for you. 

Replacement cards

If your Metrocard was registered with us, any remaining credit from your old card can also be transferred onto the new card for you. A replacement card will cost you $5. 

You can get a replacement Metrocard from Te Ana Ngāi Tahu Rock Art Centre, 2 George St, Timaru. 

Remember to bring ID with you. Other Metro agents cannot issue replacement cards or transfer balances. 

If you have any other questions about Metrocards, call our friendly staff on 03 688 55 44.