Community Connect concession

Cheaper public transport with the Community Connect concession

Add your Community Services Card to your Metrocard for 50% off single-trip adult fares every time you travel. 

You need to complete a few easy steps to enjoy cheaper travel.

Already have a Metrocard? 

Use this form to add your Community Services Card to your Metrocard to access the concession fares. You will need your MSD client number which you can find on the front of your Community Services Card.  

Add your concession.

Don't have a Metrocard? No worries. 

Metrocards are free for Community Services Card holders and can be ordered online or picked up at the Timaru Information Centre. To activate your Metrocard, at least $5 needs to be loaded onto it.

You need a Metrocard before you can apply for the Community Connect concession. 

Order your new, free Metrocard online.

Using your public transport concession 

The Community Connect concession only applies to Metrocard fares. If you usually pay on the MyWay by Metro app using your debit or credit card, you will need to switch this to Metrocard payments, and tap your card when you board. You can set an automatic top up so your Metrocard doesn’t run low. 

If you have added your Community Services Card to your Metrocard you will automatically receive the concession fare with every trip.

Getting help with your application 

Need support? A friend or family member can fill in the Community Connect application on your behalf.

Has your Community Services Card expired? 

Please call the MSD Community Services Card team on 0800 999 999.  

How long does the Community Connect concession last? 

Your Community Connect concession will apply for as long as you hold an active Community Services Card.  

  • We will regularly check your eligibility with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). 
  • If you are no longer eligible, where we have your email address on file, we will contact you to tell you that your concession is ending 

SuperGold fares 

People with SuperGold cards travel for free in Timaru between 9am – 3pm, after 6.30pm, and all weekends and public holidays.  

If you travel at other times, and you have a combined SuperGold and Community Services Card, you are eligible for half-price adult fares with Community Connect. The combined SuperGold and Community Services Card has ‘NZS/CSC’ printed on the back.   

You will need to have a Metrocard, and then follow the steps to add your Community Services Card to your Metrocard, to receive this concession.