Accessible travel

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Enhanced services for people with impairments, access challenges or limited mobility.

Our vehicles have priority seating areas for passengers with mobility aids, service animals and for parents with pushchairs.  

To travel on MyWay by Metro, request a low floor vehicle when you book your ride.

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Requesting accessible MyWay vehicles

You can request a low floor vehicle by using the 'wheelchair accessible' toggle under your account settings in MyWay. You will be assigned a vehicle with a low floor and ramp, and with a seatbelt in the priority seating area.

Anyone may request a low floor vehicle, and you may toggle this feature on or off as required for your booking.

MyWay by Metro drivers will assist with unfolding the ramp, but they are not required to physically assist passengers to get on or off the vehicle. If you are unable to get onto a vehicle without assistance, you may be interested in finding out more about Total Mobility services. 

Mobility aids and service animals 

MyWay by Metro welcomes passengers accompanied by service dogs or disability assist dogs. 

Accessible MyWay vehicles can only fit one standard size wheelchair or mobility device. 

MyWay vehicles are unable to carry electric mobility scooters. 

How to board in a wheelchair 

Please listen to the driver's instructions for help to board the vehicle. There are some necessary steps you must take to ensure your safety. 

  1. Board the ramp; mind the small lip on the floor where the ramps folds in 
  2. Sit with your back against the back rest provided 
  3. Apply your brakes 
  4. Fasten the seatbelt around your waist. 

If you are travelling on MyWay by Metro with a support person, make sure you also book them a seat. 

Travelling with a pushchair 

Request a low floor, accessible MyWay vehicle by selecting wheelchair/pram/low floor toggle on the app if you wish to take your pushchair unfolded onboard. You can do this in the app account settings, reached by clicking on the menu bar. 

Our smaller vans can take a folded pushchair on the bike rack. 

Please call our friendly team on 03 688 5544 if you would like help with an accessible booking. 

Total Mobility Scheme 

The Total Mobility Scheme is a subsidised taxi transport scheme offered by Environment Canterbury to assist eligible people with impairments to access appropriate transport. 

This service provides subsidised door-to-door transport services for eligible, registered passengers where approved scheme transport providers operate. 

An eligibility assessment is necessary to identify if a person has an impairment which prevents them from travelling unaccompanied in a safe and dignified manner on a bus, train or ferry. 

This includes: 

  • getting to the place where the transport departs 
  • getting onto the transport 
  • riding securely 
  • getting off the transport 
  • getting to the final destination point 

Find out more about the Total Mobility Scheme in Canterbury.