Timaru Schools

These services will run Monday to Friday during term time, and do not operate on public holidays.

Times listed in timetables are approximate only. Buses will pick up at any bus stop along the route. On streets along the route where there are no bus stops, please stand in a safe, clear, open place and wave to signal the driver to pick you up. We do not recommend that MyWay by Metro is used for school trips at this time.

T1 Service

Morning (anticlockwise)

 Monday - Friday AM
St Joseph's School 8.00
Benmore Street 8.05
Gleniti Road 8:10
Puriri Street 8.16
Timaru Boys' High School 8.27
Roncalli College 8.30
Timaru Girls' High School 8.32
Timaru South School 8.34
Sacred Heart School 8.37
Station Street 8.39
Northtown Mall 8.46
Mountainview High School 8.51

Afternoon (clockwise)

 Monday - Friday PM
Timaru South School 3.10
Sacred Heart School 3.18
Roncalli College 3.27
Timaru Girls' High School 3.30
Timaru Boys' High School 3.40
Puriri Street 3.45
Benmore Street 3.55
St Joseph's School 4.01

T2 Service


 Monday - Friday AM
Jellicoe St 7.55
Lindsay St 8.06
Gleniti Rd 8.13
Highfield Mall 8.20
Timaru Boys' High School 8.26
Roncalli College 8.33
Timaru Girls' High School 8.34
Sacred Heart School 8.36


 Monday - Friday PM
Sacred Heart School 3.20
Roncalli College 3.28
Timaru Girls' High School 3.30
Timaru Boys' High School 3.34
Highfield Mall 3.40
Gleniti Rd 3.45
Lindsay St 3.58
Jellicoe St 4.07

T3 Service (NEW in 2023)

Morning (clockwise)

 Monday - Friday AM
Mountainview High School 7.50
Northtown Mall 7.55
Station Street 8.02
Timaru Hospital 8.08
Timaru Girls' High School 8.12
Roncalli College 8.13
Timaru Boys' High School 8.18
Highfield Mall 8.23
Mountainview High School 8.30
Grantlea Downs School 8.35

Afternoon (anticlockwise)

 Monday - Friday PM
Grantlea Downs School 3.10
Mountainview High School 3.25
Highfield Mall 3.32
Timaru Boys' High School 3.37
Roncalli College 3.41
Timaru Girls' High School 3.43
Timaru Hospital 3.46
Station Street 3.52
Northtown Mall 4.01
Mountainview High School 4.05


Download Timaru schools timetable and map

Timaru school service fares

Fares for Timaru School services are featured in the table below. Drivers may require ID to be shown. 

Fares from 14 August 2023:

Fare type Cash  Metrocard
Child under 5 FREE FREE
Child aged 5 to 12 $1.50 FREE
Teen aged 13-18 $1.50 $0.45
Young adult aged 19-24 $2.50 $0.80
Adult aged 25+ $2.50 $1.65