Booking questions

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The most common MyWay booking questions.

The most common MyWay booking questions are on this page, if you have other questions, please call 03 688 55 44.

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Can I book a journey for my family, or a group of people? 

Yes, you can book and pay for a journey for more than one person going to the same place by using the ‘Travelling alone?' button at the bottom of the app home screen. The people in your group can pay by Metrocard if they wish to pay separately. 

Will my driver wait for me? 

Just like a bus, you need to be at the pickup point at the arranged time. We recommend that you arrive a minimum of two minutes ahead of your pickup time.  

Using the app, you can see when the vehicle is approaching. The driver will wait one minute before leaving. 

What if I miss my ride?

Please be at your pickup point two minutes before your vehicle is due. Your vehicle could be a little early and so you need to be ready.  

We cannot wait past the pickup time as doing so means we can't stay on time for other riders. 

What happens if we need to change the vehicle you’re booked on? 

Behind the scenes, the booking technology in the MyWay app is working hard, always monitoring the movements of the vehicles. 

If it notices your driver has been held up, it will reassign you to an alternative vehicle that will improve your ETA (estimated time of arrival), getting you where you need to go, faster. 

You don’t have to do anything differently. This happens automatically behind the scenes, and you’ll receive a text message notifying you of your updated ETA.