Our promise

Customers are at the heart of our public transport system. This customer charter is a commitment by all the agencies that form the public transport partnership in Greater Christchurch and Timaru to work together to provide our customers with an excellent public transport experience.

Under this customer charter, we will:

Provide a public transport system that encourages regular use and attracts new users

We want more people to choose public transport more often. We understand that making public transport an attractive choice for new users requires a real commitment to quality.

We’ll design and deliver routes, services and infrastructure so they are as attractive and environmentally friendly as possible, so that more and more people choose public transport.

Provide reliable journeys

We know that arriving late can make or break your day, so we need to get you where you’re going on time. We’ll strive to deliver reliable services with consistent journey times and provide the right infrastructure to keep your service moving. We’ll also publish performance results each month so you can see how we’re doing, and we can see where we need to improve.

Make public transport easily accessible

We want it to be as easy as possible for everyone to use our services so we’re committed to improving the whole system, including for people with limited mobility, hearing or vision. To do this we’ll strive to:

  • Keep public transport fares as low as possible.
  • Maintain high standards of vehicle and infrastructure accessibility, including good quality footpaths to major stops.
  • Ensure all information is easy to access and understand, reducing any cultural and language barriers.
  • Design routes, services, payment systems and infrastructure to enable convenient use and seamless end-to-end journeys.
  • Regularly seek your feedback to help us identify ways to make our systems easier to use and to look for opportunities to make improvements.

Provide safe and comfortable journeys

We appreciate that comfort and safety are big factors in whether you choose to use public transport, so we’re committed to:

  • Keeping vehicles and facilities clean and in good condition.
  • Providing seats for as many passengers as possible.
  • Designing and managing infrastructure so it provides high personal security for passengers.
  • Providing adequate shelter at key stops.
  • Integrate with bike share services, where available.
  • Training drivers so that your journey is safe and smooth.
  • Transitioning to zero emission vehicles.

Keep you informed and listen to you

We’ll provide you with the information you need so that you can confidently choose public transport. We’re committed to:

  • Making information available in a timely manner and in a range of formats so it’s clear and easily accessible.
  • Using the communication channels and information platforms that our customers expect in an ever-changing world.
  • Embracing innovative and open ways of sharing information, communicating with you and enabling you to communicate with us.
  • Welcoming your feedback at all times and providing regular formal opportunities for you to have your say on what we’re doing. We’ll consider all feedback and ideas and provide clear reasons for the decisions we make.

How you can help

As a public transport customer, you can help us achieve this by: 

  • Being friendly and respectful to your driver, fellow passengers and the whole public transport team.
  • Respecting public transport vehicles and facilities, helping us keep them clean, tidy and in good condition.
  • Letting us know when things need attending to. We want to hear from you so we can address any issues and keep making public transport better.

See the Public Transport Customer Code of Conduct for full detail.

Send us your feedback

Delivering this high quality customer experience is a big challenge. We know we won’t always get it right and we’ll always have more to learn. Your feedback on how we’re doing and ideas on how we can improve are really important to us.

Please feel welcome to give us any feedback.

Together we can make an excellent public transport system.

The public transport partnership includes:

  • Environment Canterbury
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Selwyn District Council
  • Waimakariri District Council
  • Timaru District Council
  • NZ Transport Agency