MyWay by Metro fares and payments

my way van on street2

Catching a ride with MyWay is a cost-effective way for you to get around town.

Different fares apply for the Timaru School services and Temuka services.

Fare type Fares
Adult* $2.50
Children (5-18 years inclusive) $1.50
Children under 5 Free
Community Services Card holders $1.25

*SuperGold card holders travel free during all off-peak times.

Paying onboard 

If you've booked on the app and selected to pay by bank card, you don't need to do anything when you board. The driver is notified of your payment choice. 

If you've selected 'Metrocard' as your payment method, simply tap your Metrocard on the ticket machine when you board. 

Cash is not accepted on MyWay other than for Metrocard top-ups. Top-ups require a minimum of $5.

Bank card payments 

To add your credit or debit card details to the app, click on the MyWay menu at the top left of your screen and select ‘Payments'. 

When you put your credit or debit card details into the MyWay App, your bank may take a pre-authorization charge of $1 to validate your card. After your card is validated, this charge will be reversed (generally within 48 hours). The pre-authorization charge only occurs once. 

When the payments will come out depends on your bank. Sometimes, the payment will not come out of your account on the same day you take your ride.  

Please note that if you do not show-up for your ride, the fare will be deducted from your account.


You can select the Metrocard option to pay with your Metrocard. You will need to ensure that you have enough money stored on your card, or set up an automatic top up via your online account.

Swipe your Metrocard when you board the vehicle. Any extra passengers will need their own Metrocard if they are riding under a different fare. You can top-up and get a balance on your Metrocard with the driver. 

Metrocards are only $5. You can order a Metrocard online or pick one up from the Timaru Information Centre. Register your card when you get it, to keep your funds safe if you lose your card, and to make topping up easy. 

Learn more about using Metrocards.


SuperGold cardholders travel free during all off-peak times. That's weekdays between 9am and 3pm, and after 6.30 pm, and all weekends and public holidays. It's our way of saying 'thank you' to our seniors and veterans. 

Set up your account first, because you need to include a valid payment method in case you travel in peak times. Then simply present your SuperGold card to the driver when boarding the vehicle. 

To apply for a SuperGold card, or for further information on eligibility and discounts, visit, email or call 0800 25 45 65. 

Regular public transport user? Get yourself a Metrocard to pay for your travel during peak times. 

Community Service Card holders

Community Connect makes public transport more affordable for people with a Community Services Card. You need to complete a few easy steps to enjoy half-price travel. Find out more on how to apply for your Community Connect concession.


Children and teenagers aged 5-18 years are eligible for MyWay by Metro child fares. Older teens should carry identification such as a Cando card. Different, lower cost fares apply for Metro School Services. 

Children under-5 years-of-age, accompanied by a fare-paying passenger, can travel free-of-charge.