Travel FAQs

Timaru bus driver

The most common travel and fares FAQs are below, if you have other questions, please call 03 688 55 44.

Here are the answers to questions Metro get asked about travelling onboard the bus. If your question is not answered here give us a call on 03 688 55 44 or email us your questions.

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Can I take my scooter on the bus?

If your scooter folds up then you can take it onboard the bus. You need to make sure it is folded up while onboard and stowed next to you on a seat, under a seat or in a storage rack. If your scooter does not fold up it is the driver's decision at the time of boarding whether it can go onboard or not. This is because scooters that do not fold up can become projectiles and dangerous to other passengers if the bus has to do an emergency stop. If your scooter does not fold up we recommend you do not take it on the bus.

Can I take a child’s bike or tricycle inside the bus?

It is the driver’s decision at the time of boarding whether the bike or tricycle can go onboard or not. This is because they can become projectiles and dangerous to other passengers if the bus has to do an emergency stop. If the driver thinks it could be dangerous they have the right to refuse to let you come onboard. We recommend that if the bike or tricycle cannot be stowed safely onboard the bus in a seat or a storage rack then you do not try to take it on the bus.

Do I need to signal the driver when I want to get on the bus?

No, but we appreciate when passengers make and an effort to signal the driver when catching the bus. We recommend when you see your bus coming you stand at the bus stop towards the curb and wave at the driver so that they know you want that bus. The drivers will then pull over and let you on. If you do not signal the driver they may drive past without seeing you.

Are intoxicated people allowed on the bus (alcohol or drugs)?

It is up to the driver’s discretion whether an intoxicated person can board the bus or not. If the driver believes the person is intoxicated and considers that person a risk to the passengers on board or the driver they can refuse to carry them.

What can I do about loud music being played?

If the music on a passenger’s mp3 or phone is annoying other passengers on the bus one person should tell the bus driver. The bus driver can then ask the passenger with the music to turn it down.

If the bus radio music is too loud, tell the driver and they can turn it down from their control panel.

Can I take my pet onboard the bus?

No, the only animal allowed onboard the bus is a blind seeing eye dog or service dog.

At what age can a child travel on the bus unaccompanied?

Metro does not have a defined age to allow children to travel unaccompanied. We believe that it is the parent’s decision about whether a child is capable of safely travelling on their own.

What do I do if I see someone etching windows or damaging the bus?

Metro and bus operators take damage to buses seriously and provide details and surveillance footage to the Police for prosecution. If you see it occurring take note of:

  • what time it occurred
  • what the person damaging the bus looks like (are they in a uniform or have a recognisable top etc)
  • which window or part of the bus was damaged

If you feel comfortable telling the driver at the time the damage is occurring - do so, however, if you do not, tell the driver when you leave the bus. The bus operator will check the video surveillance footage and provide it to the Police.